Certificate issued to vaccinate the elderly five times in Meerut, CMO gave instructions for investigation

Certificate issued to vaccinate the elderly five times in Meerut, CMO gave instructions for investigation

The gross negligence of personnel in corona vaccination has come to the fore. The certificate for applying five doses of corona vaccine to the elderly, not one or two, was issued from the portal. The Health Department is considering it as a prank of some technical expert. The CMO has given instructions for investigation.

this is the case

Rampal Singh, 73, a resident of Dharmapuri in Sardhana, had administered the first dose of Kovishield on March 16 at CHC Sardhana. The second vaccine was administered on May 8 at CHC Sardhana. After a few days, he tried to download the certificate of vaccination from the portal, but its details were not shown. He then approached the CHC with all his documents.

According to Rampal, the personnel updated their information on the portal from the document. A few days later, when he wanted to download the vaccination certificate again, he saw three certificates in his name on the portal. The first certificate shows his age as 60 years, the first dose on May 16 and the second dose on May 8. In the second certificate, the age is 73 years, the first dose is 15 May and the second dose is 15 September. In the third certificate, the date of 73 years of age, 15 September for the first dose and for the second dose from December 8 to January 5, 2022 is recorded. Rampal is the president of BJP's booth number 79 and city coordinator of Hindu Yuva Vahini.

He said...

Prima facie it appears to be someone's prank. Or some cyber expert has hacked it and done it. It is not possible to issue three certificates in the name of one person. Inspection instructions have been given. Strict action will be taken against the guilty.

Tamsa, Bisuhi and Majui rivers wreaked havoc in three tehsils of Ambedkarnagar, submerged paddy crops

Tamsa, Bisuhi and Majui rivers wreaked havoc in three tehsils of Ambedkarnagar, submerged paddy crops

 In Bhiti, Akbarpur and Jalalpur tehsils, Tamsa, Majui and Bisuhi rivers have caused havoc. The water level of these rivers is increasing day by day after the monsoon rains in the last days. Paddy and sugarcane crops have been submerged in coastal villages. Roads and roads have been cut at places due to flowing water. Many villages have almost lost contact with places like markets, schools and hospitals. Women are prohibited from leaving the house. Villagers are risking their lives and passing through flood waters to meet their daily needs and fodder for animals.

Failed to absorb rain water: Tamsa, Bisuhi, Majui rivers of shallow foothills enter Bhiti tehsil in Ambedkar Nagar from Ayodhya Mandal and Sultanpur district. These three rivers face the problem of drought for seven to eight months of the year. In the rain, these rivers take a rough form. Their foothills fail to hold the rain water, causing havoc in the coastal villages. These days the rise of all the three small rivers has put the farmers and the common man in trouble.

Women teachers and students in trouble: Children and teachers are seen putting their lives at risk due to water logging outside the villages including schools and various roads leading to it. There is a fear of a major accident due to knee-sized water on the road and rough roads and deep ditch on both sides of it. It has become a big problem for female teachers to go to school by entering the flood waters. On the other hand, poisonous animals are also running here and there due to water filling. Children are at risk from them.

The situation in Bhiti is worse: The situation here is worst as the three rivers Tamsa, Bisuhi and Majui pass through the Bhiti tehsil. Millions of acres of paddy and sugarcane crops are on the verge of destruction in more than 50 affected villages. The entire crop of all the farmers of these villages is getting ruined. The flood water of Tamsa river is flowing from above on the connectivity road from Gosainganj market to Senpur and Bhiti market of Ayodhya district. Traffic is disrupted due to road and road cuts. Women are imprisoned in their homes due to waterlogging in villages. Farmers are putting their lives at risk in arranging animal feed.

Trouble due to floods in Akbarpur: Tamsa river passing through district headquarters in Akbarpur tehsil has created a lot of devastation. Roads and houses in populated areas are flooded with water. All the villages of Katehri and Akbarpur blocks are situated on the banks of river Tamsa. Paddy crops have been submerged in these villages. There is also a possibility of damage to thousands of acres of paddy and sugarcane crops.

Many villages of Jalalpur affected: Tamsa and Majui (Manjusha) rivers have caused havoc in the border of Jalalpur tehsil. Here the flood waters of small rivers have entered Kannupur, Usmapur, Badepur Partial, Fish village. Due to this, there is a danger of crop loss of about 100 acres.