Coronavirus: Assam's death tally rises to 4 as state govt launches quarantine sponsorship initiative

Coronavirus: Assam's death tally rises to 4 as state govt launches quarantine sponsorship initiative

Assam on Monday reported two more novel coronavirus-related deaths, taking the state's Covid-19 death tally to 4. The state's Health Department recorded 15 new cases over the last 24 hours, pushing the state's tally of confirmed cases to 115.

Out of the new cases reported on Monday, Guwahati accounts for 7 followed by Golaghat with 4, Cachar with 2, and Jorhat and Nagaon with 1 each. Three of the seven patients from Guwahati are associated with the Aloo Godam case and are residents of the flamboyant Bazaar containment zone while the opposite three are from Sarusajai quarantine centre.

On Sunday, the state had reported nine Covid-19 positive cases, including a 9-year-old boy. The state now has 68 active cases of infection and 41 recoveries to its credit.

Assam has tested around 40,000 samples for Covid-19 so far . Now, the government has taken an initiative to support all people in quarantine. This initiative is marked with the slogan "ruthless quarantine with big human heart". Assam Health minister on Monday said this slogan implies that quarantine has got to be rigorous and there'll be no compromise thereon .

"But while in quarantine, life should be easy, comfortable, food should tend , accommodation should be proper. We are getting to buy the hotel, food. albeit the patient returns to home quarantine, the Assam government will bear the expenses of his/her food for the whole quarantine period. We are getting to quarantine 1 lakh people," Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma said.

He added that the Assam Finance department has already held a gathering with officials of the planet Bank to permit the govt to spend its savings for the aim of tackling this crisis.

The Assam Health minister also said, "During the lockdown period, we've realized there are numerous things we will do for the country. Atmanirbhar Bharat is in one goal post and managing COVID-19 is other goal post. Nobody change the goal post."