Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said, LG order will be implemented in Delhi

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said, LG order will be implemented in Delhi

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvidan Kejriwal has expressed concern over the rapidly growing corona infection. With this, he has said that the order given by LG Anil Baijal to open Delhi's hospitals to all the countrymen will be implemented. This is not the time to fight among themselves but to work together. Many parties are fighting each other in this time of crisis. This is not right 

CM Kejriwal said that LG Anil Baijal has made a big challenge for Delhi Government by taking the decision to open the hospital in Delhi for all the countrymen, but we will try our best to meet this challenge.

He said that by June 15 in Delhi, there would be 44,000 cases and 6,600 beds would be required. By 30 June, we will reach 1 lakh cases and 15,000 beds will be required. By July 15, there will be 2.25 lakh cases and 33,000 beds will be required. As of 31 July, 5.5 lakh cases are expected and 80,000 beds will be required. would be required. 

CM Kejriwal will need 1.5 lakh beds till 31 July, says that if the entire countrymen are treated in Delhi, then about 50 percent of the countrymen come to Delhi for treatment, so by July 15, Delhi will be with the people of Delhi. Along with this, 65 thousand beds have to be prepared for the people of other states. At the same time, by July 31, the Delhi government will have to prepare 1.5 lakh beds. He said that this is a big challenge, but to fulfill it, we will try our best with body and mind. 

Much remains to be done in the system- Kejriwal,
along with CM Kejriwal thanked the media for accurate reporting. He said that whatever flaws the media told us in our app, we have removed them. Keep telling us the flaws even further so that we can remove it. Along with this, on the people wandering for beds, CM Kejriwal said that 1900 beds were filled in the last 8 days. 4200 beds are empty. Even after this, 150-200 people will have to eat for the beds. He said that there are many such shortcomings in the system that remain to be corrected.