These amazing Vastu tips related to Tulsi, will remain at home

These amazing Vastu tips related to Tulsi, will remain at home

The Tulsi plant has a special place in Hinduism. It is believed that it is very dear to Lord Vishnu. In this case, keeping it at home and worshiping, there is happiness and peace and prosperity in the house. Business is promoted. With the arrival of positiveness in the house, Vastu defect is removed. Progress is found in every work. Come, know some Vastu tips related to keeping a basil plant at home…

For positive energy
Planting Tulsi ji at home brings positive energy. In such a situation, fights and conflicts in husband and wife are overcome. Love grows among members of the household. 

Control stubborn child control
If your children are stubborn on talk, in such a situation keep a basil plant in the east direction of the house. Also, break his 3 leaves daily and feed the child. This will remove his stubbornness soon.

Coincidence of marriage
People who get interrupted in marriage. They should keep the basil plant in the south-east direction of the house. Also, except Sunday, water should be offered on the remaining days. This soon opens the coincidence of marriage. 

Business growth
To increase business and improve the economic condition, plant a basil plant in the south-west of the house. Also, offer raw milk every Friday. This opens the way for progress and the shortage of money ends. 

For good luck
Putting Tulsi leaf in the mouth before doing any auspicious work completes the task without any trouble. This plant is supposed to brighten a person's luck.

Guard against evil eyes
It is believed that keeping the Tulsi plant in the house protects the family from evil eyes. It should always be kept in the north-east direction of the house. This leads to prosperity in the house. 

Keep these things in mind too
. The basil plant should never dry up. If it dries, then drain it in the holy river. Also plant another plant at home.
. Keep giving it water from time to time. 
. In the evening, light a lamp of ghee in front of Tulsi. 
. This plant should be watered and kept in hand on Sunday.