Remove acne, white rash and wrinkles from the face with these home remedies

Remove acne, white rash and wrinkles from the face with these home remedies

White colored pimples or very fine pimples on the face are called whiteheads. This happens when the pores of the face get clogged. Due to which the excess oil is not able to come out from the skin and the beauty of the face almost ends. In such a situation, some home remedies can be adopted-

Honey Effective- Take a
little honey and apply it on the white grains by massaging it with light hands. After an hour wash the face with cold water. Regular use of honey opens the clogged pores. Also, sudden oily lumps or rash on the skin can be eliminated. Honey contains natural salts that soften the skin by tightening it while retaining moisture.

Green Fenugreek
Leaves- Wash and mash the green fenugreek leaves well and squeeze out its juice. Now apply this juice on the face with a cotton swab. After half an hour wash the face with cold water. The leaves can also be used in other ways. Make a paste by grinding curd and fenugreek leaves in a mixer. Apply it on the affected part of the face till it dries. After that wash the face with cold water. You can do this once or twice a week.

Guarpatha (Aloe vera) –
The antioxidant and antibacterial properties found in its pulp are effective in curing skin diseases. Apply it on the white pimples and massage it with light hands. Leave it overnight and wash your face with cold water in the morning. Doing this for a month is beneficial in the problem.

Sandalwood and rose water -
Sandalwood powder and rose water cools the skin and also cleanses it. Mix rose water in sandalwood powder and apply it on the face. Wash off with cold water after drying. It absorbs excess oil.

Excessive use of sunscreen is injurious to health

Excessive use of sunscreen is injurious to health

Based on a research, it has been said that by applying sunscreen regularly and in excess quantity, vitamin D deficiency starts in our body. Sunscreen reduces the ability of the skin to absorb the sun's rays, due to which our body is not able to make vitamin D as needed. The research has been published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association.

Our bones are getting weak -
To avoid the bad effects of sunlight and ultraviolet rays, we apply sunscreen lotion. But its regular and excessive use can weaken our bones. Along with this, the risk of many other diseases is increasing.

Exposure to the sun's rays is important: Research expert Kim Fotenhor explains that applying sunscreen reduces the ability of our skin to produce vitamin D. However, it is advisable to apply sunscreen to avoid the damage caused by direct exposure to the sun's rays, skin cancer, etc. Despite this, exposure to the sun's rays should be kept for a while. This strengthens the muscles and bones. The problem of lethargy, tiredness, mood swings etc. is also avoided.

Sunlight 3 times a week is important -
Vitamin D is an important nutrient that is necessary to keep the level of calcium and phosphorus in the blood regular. It is necessary for the absorption of calcium and for the growth and strength of bones. Although soy milk, mushrooms and eggs are good sources of vitamin D, they are no better than the sun's rays. According to the British Dietetics Association, one should be exposed to the rays of the sun for 15 minutes 3 times a week.

Prolonged exposure to the sun also benefits –
According to research, using a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher reduces the production of vitamin D3 by up to 99 percent. In such a situation, it is necessary to walk fast in sunlight without applying sunscreen two to three times a week. So that maximum part of the skin can absorb the sun's rays and produce the required amount of Vitamin D which is required by our body.