Follow these home remedies to drive the lizard away from home

Follow these home remedies to drive the lizard away from home

Everyone gets scared on seeing the lizard. In summer, it is common on the walls of the house. She returns home despite repeated exorcisms. Seeing them, everyone has tension to fall on top of it. By the way, many toxic things are found from the market to drive it away. In such a situation it dies. But it is very difficult to throw the dead lizard out. In such a situation, you can use the easy things found at home and shove it from home instead of killing it. So let's know those things about those things ...

coffee powder
Coffee powder can be used to drive the lizard home. To escape it, prepare small tablets by mixing tobacco in coffee powder. Place the prepared tablets in places where the lizards frequent. Keeping them there will soon get rid of lizards. 

Peacock feather
Whenever it comes to exterminating the lizard, the name of peacock feather comes first. Actually the lizard is afraid of peacock feathers. Therefore, where there is peacock feather, the lizard is never seen. So if you have lizards at your house, give some peacock feathers on the wall or in a vase to immediately drive it away. 

A lot of sulfur is found in onions. The foul lizard that comes from it is not able to bear. In this case, the onion can be used to eradicate the lizard. For this, peel the onion and cut it into pieces. Tie the cut pieces with thread and hang them all over the place. Where the lizard frequents. 

freshly ground black pepper
Mix pepper powder in water. Then spray this water on all those places of the house. Its sharp small lizards cannot bear it. Thus she runs away from home.

Naphthalene pills
Naphthalene pills are also very effective for eradicating lizards. By the way, it is put in wardrobes, washways etc. It is a good insecticide. Therefore it can also be used to eradicate lizards. 

Sprinkle water on the walls of the house several times a day. This also helps by eradicating lizards.

Onion and garlic juice
In a bowl drain the onion and garlic juice. Now add some water and mix. Fill the prepared mixture in the bottle. After that, there are more lizards at the place of home, spray this water there.  

Egg peel
Collect the peels of 3-4 eggs and keep them in the corner of the house or at a place where lizards are more frequent. The lizards are afraid to see them. Thus she will run away from home. Also keep changing these peels in 3- 4 weeks.