Feng Shui: Keep this 1 thing at home, you will get success in every work

Feng Shui: Keep this 1 thing at home, you will get success in every work

The elephant is considered a symbol of Lord Ganesha. At the same time, they stand on both sides of Goddess Lakshmi and serve them. In such a situation, elephant is considered very sacred in Hinduism. Not only here, it also has a special place in Buddhism. The elephant is considered auspicious and is worshiped. According to the dream, if someone rides an elephant in a dream, his / her respect in society increases. Similarly, houses in Vastu and Feng Shui. It is considered auspicious to keep an elephant statue, painting or painting at the office and shop. It removes the troubles of life, brings happiness, prosperity and prosperity. So let's know how elephant is auspicious for us. 

For fame and fame
According to Vastu, keeping a red elephant in the house brings honor and fame. The right place to keep it is North and South direction. It should be installed in the work area along with the house. Keep it in the south direction for your workplace or personal fame. Also, keep the red colored elephant in the north direction to increase the fame and reputation of your firm. It will soon succeed in everything.

Get promoted in business
It is considered auspicious to keep a silver elephant in the field for business growth. According to Vastu, both silver and elephants help in maintaining positivity by eliminating negativity. Keeping the silver elephant on the table of the house or office, removes the obstacles of progress. Chances of getting promotion increase. It is auspicious to keep it in the north direction of the house, shop or office. Apart from this, you can also keep a silver elephant in a vault or gallop. Tie it in a red colored cloth to keep it in the vault. This increases the sources of income.

Grow in love
In the houses where husband and wife are in daily fight. In such a situation a situation of stress arises in life. To avoid or overcome this, the elephant pairs should be kept in the bedroom in the north direction. This increases love of husband and wife by quarreling. Positivity spreads in the home. In such a situation, the atmosphere of the house is pleasant. Also, keep in mind that the face of the pair of elephants is towards each other, due to having back, relationships get sour.

Bring success
According to Vastu, keeping an elephant statue at home is auspicious. It helps in success in every work. In such a situation, to get success, a statue of elephant raised with a trunk should be installed at the main door of the house. If you want, you can also put a picture of elephant in place of the idol. This brings respect and respect in the society. Along with this, there is happiness, prosperity, peace and success in everything. Everyone wants everyone to respect him. Accordingly, all work should be done accordingly. Therefore, keep a picture or statue of elephant in home and office.

Increase intellectual capacity
If you do not get success even after working too hard, then put a statue of the trunk elephant upwards in the child's study room. It helps in increasing the intellectual capacity of the person. This increases concentration in work and studies. Business related problems are solved. Progressways open up. ‌‌‌‌ Simultaneously the economic situation improves. It helps in increasing the intellectual capacity of the person.