Atithi Devo Bhava: According to Vastu this should be the guest room

Atithi Devo Bhava: According to Vastu this should be the guest room

Guests are the form of God. In every house, a separate room is definitely made for the guests to stay. According to Vastu, other rooms of the house as well as the Vastu of the guest room should be right. In particular, everything related to their happiness should be according to Vastu guidelines. So what does Vastu say about the guest room?

Best direction for guest room
North-west direction of the house is considered to be the best for the guests. Guests staying in this direction and good relations are formed between you, the cooperation of those guests always remains with you in your good and bad times.

wrong direction
There should never be a guest room in the south-east direction of the house. According to Vastu, this direction of the house is considered to be the direction of wealth arrival. According to Vastu, in the direction of bringing fame and fame, only the head of the house should have room. Having a guest room in this direction affects the financial condition of the family.

Paintings in the room
It is considered auspicious to place paintings with flowers in the guests' rooms. Along with the photos, you can place real flowers in that room. Welcoming God-like guests with flowers promotes love and affection in your relationships. Flowers of white, light pink, pistachio green or pale yellow are considered auspicious.

Bed shape
The bed of the guest room should be round or flat. Beds made in any shape other than these two sizes are considered inauspicious for guests. Sleeping on incorrectly sized beds affects the health of guests.

Water system
Whether it is about drinking water or the water coming in the bathroom in the room, there should be no problem related to the water in the guests' room. Water dripping in the bathroom causes Vastu dosha in the house.

Sad paintings
Disappointment or pictures of animals should not be placed in the guest room. Instead, pictures with quiet, laughing and smiling pictures should be placed in their rooms.