Acne occurs due to hormonal changes, prevent this

Acne occurs due to hormonal changes, prevent this

The problem of acne is becoming common not only in boys and girls but also in children and adults. Generally, the oil glands present on the skin are helpful in making the skin oily which keeps the skin safe. But when the oil starts producing more than normal in these glands, then the outer surface of the skin starts getting blocked due to which the oil remains inside and it becomes difficult to get out. In such a situation, germs grow in the glands and cause infection, which emerges in the form of acne on the skin of the face, chest, back, hands, scalp etc. The reason for this may be different in every person.

main reason for the problem of acne is a change in hormones, which is especially seen in puberty. The problem of acne is basically genetic in which the oil glands of the skin start getting blocked. But sometimes heredity is not the root cause but poor routine, food and stress also become the reason for the problem. Staying in the hot sun for a long time or not cleaning the face properly can also cause problems.

The severity of acne conditions
Light is - Oil lies inside and comes across as some blackheads on the skin.

Medium - The oil in the gland becomes infected which emerges on the skin taking the form of acne.

Acute - Due to pus getting into the gland, spots start appearing on the face. which do not go away easily.

Treatment : Most of the youth use cosmetic products without medical advice. While using them, skin type, acne condition and lifestyle have to be kept in mind. Experts forbid applying oil-based creams if acne recurs frequently. At the same time, it is said to apply cream when there is a blockage in the oil glands.

Antibiotics or medical face wash are given when the glands get pus in severe condition . The treatment of such acne is not available at present, it can only reduce them.

Latest Treatment
Micro Dermabrasion : In this, micro crystals are rubbed on the skin with light pressure with the help of a machine. This opens the pores of the skin and increases the glow.

Chemical peels : Glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid present in it are three main chemicals used. Get the treatment done by an experienced dermatologist only. After this avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Laser : It is helpful in removing blemishes caused by acne. Chemical peels are the cheapest and shortest treatment of these.

Tips: Applying yogurt rich in antibacterial and lactic acid on the face provides relief. In addition to banana, papaya, cinnamon and honey mixed or applied separately on acne, the dead layer of the skin comes off. In such a situation, the new skin inside comes out, which removes the blockage of the glands.

Avoid taking steroids. There is a different type of acne caused by this, which can also be serious.

Be it
girls or boys, there are many assumptions in the mind regarding acne. For example, if there is contaminated blood, eating more junk food and stomach related problems, then acne occurs.
The fact
is changing mainly because only hormone problem of acne.

Know these special tips for clear, glowing and beautiful skin

Know these special tips for clear, glowing and beautiful skin

If you are troubled by wrinkles in addition to blemishes and fine lines on the face, then you can take the help of facial yoga for this. Know how to do it and how it works-

How to do Facial Yoga -
There are a total of 52 muscles on our face consisting of different parts. Regular exercise of these muscles relieves tension of the face, neck and eyes. This causes stretch in the loose skin. In this yoga, apart from applying pressure on the major parts of the face, stretching is done with the fingers for 5-10 minutes. Due to which the blood circulation becomes better, collagen is formed and excess fat starts decreasing. The special thing about this yoga is that it can be done at any time. This yoga can be done in many ways. like -

By inflating the cheeks, move the air from right to left and from left to right.
Keep the tongue out as per capacity and take it back after 10-15 seconds.
Grasp the skin between the forehead and eyebrows tightly with the thumb and fingers.
Smiling with lips closed.

There are many benefits -
Filling air in the mouth puts pressure on the muscles of the face, due to which their blood circulation improves and redness and glow on the face increase.
The extra fat around the face is reduced. Especially those who have a problem of double chin. They can do facial yoga involving the tongue.
Apart from this, the skin of the face gets more oxygen, due to which there is a feeling of relaxation. Also you feel refreshed.