North Korea says Trump offered coronavirus cooperation in letter to Kim

North Korea says Trump offered coronavirus cooperation in letter to Kim

North Korea on Saturday welcomed what it said was a letter from US President Donald Trump to North Korea n leader Kim Jong Un, saying it had been a symbol of "the special and really firm personal relations" between the 2 leaders despite recent frictions.

A senior Trump administration official confirmed Trump sent the letter and said it had been "consistent together with his efforts to interact global leaders during the continued pandemic."

The president looks forward to continued communications with Chairman Kim, the official said.

Since Trump held a 3rd summit with Kim last June and briefly stepped into North Korea from the DMZ with South Korea , no progress has been made on the US president's bid to urge Pyongyang to offer up its nuclear and missile programs.

North Korea has attempted a series of missile launches, including the launch of two apparent short-range missiles within the Judgment Day approximately , because it tries to pressure the us and its allies to lift economic sanctions.

North Korea state media KCNA said Kim had received a letter from Trump during which the US president said he was impressed by the North Korea n leader's efforts to defend his people from the coronavirus.

Trump "expressed his intent to render cooperation within the anti-epidemic work, saying that he was impressed by the efforts made by the Chairman to defend his people from the intense threat of the epidemic," KCNA reported during a statement carried by Kim's sister, Kim Yo Jong. It didn't say when the letter was received.

The letter said that despite good personal relations between the leaders, "if impartiality and balance aren't provided and unilateral and greedy intention isn't removed , the bilateral relations will still aggravate."

The report came after North Korea's missile test on Saturday , which prompted South Korea to urge an instantaneous halt of "inappropriate action" within the face of the worldwide pandemic.

In a separate dispatch on Sunday, KCNA said it had been a test of a replacement tactical guided weapon, overseen by Kim Jong Un.

The test "clearly proved the characters of various flight trajectories and falling angles, accuracy of guided shells and their power", KCNA said.