More than 150 media outlets closed due to economic crisis after Taliban occupation of Afghanistan

More than 150 media outlets closed due to economic crisis after Taliban occupation of Afghanistan

More than 150 media outlets in Afghanistan have ceased operations in the past month as they struggle to carry out their daily activities following the Taliban takeover. According to Tolo News, apart from the economic crisis, the Taliban is restricting journalists' right to information, which is hampering their work. Abdul Salam Zahid, head of the Afghan-based Bost radio station, said that earlier we had jobs and advertisements from the government and NGOs and various companies, but now our financial position is not good.

Tolo News reported that the media is also facing a shortage of professional journalists as many experienced journalists have left the country. A reporter of a famous media house told that the condition of media is not good and there are many reasons for this. One reason is that professional journalists have left the country. Another journalist said that the media is dependent on advertisements, but there is no advertisement as of now. In the absence of advertisements there will be financial problems.

Recently Zabihullah Mujahid, deputy minister of information and culture appointed by the Taliban, said that no restrictions have been imposed on free media in the country. Meanwhile, Afghanistan's private sector has also warned that the country will be plunged into an economic crisis and called on the US to freeze assets. Officials also said that they have lost hundreds of millions of dollars so far due to the freezing of Afghanistan's assets and disruptions in the banking system.

The assets have been frozen by the US after the Taliban took over the country. In addition, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have also imposed debt freezes and the Financial Action Task Force has warned its 39 member states to freeze Taliban assets

After all, why was Chinese President Jinping imprisoned at home, why did he not travel abroad in 600 days, know the big reason

After all, why was Chinese President Jinping imprisoned at home, why did he not travel abroad in 600 days, know the big reason

 Chinese President Xi Jinping is in the headlines these days. This time his discussion is not about Taiwan and Hong Kong. It is not even about China's activism in the South China Sea or the Pacific Sea, but the Chinese President is in the headlines about his health. Many types of rumors are going on in social media regarding his health. Many types of speculations are also being made in the media reports. A big reason behind this is that Xi Jinping has not made any foreign tour in 600 days. So the speculation market is hot. Experts consider some other reason for this.

Didn't do any foreign tour in 600 days

According to media reports, Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is active in the international scene, has not visited a single foreign country for the last 600 days. Jinping had earlier visited Myanmar on January 18, 2020. Since then he has not visited any country. It is being said that due to his ill health, he is not going to travel abroad.

Communist rule doesn't matter

  • Pro. Harsh V Pant says that there is a Communist Party government in China. There is no elected democratic government. In Communist rule, the President is not accountable to the people. Pro. Pant said that there is no opposition in communist rule, which should ask this question and answer to the government.
  • In contrast, in a democratic system, the head of state or government is directly accountable to the people, he said. In this system the opposition directly questions the government. The government is accountable to the legislature of the country. He said that Xi Jinping has not made any visits in 600 days, but no one can question him in China.
  • Pro. Pant said that there is a similar arrangement in the military administration as well. There is no opposition there either. The ruler is in no way accountable to the people. In contrast, in a democratic system, the executive and the legislature are directly accountable to the people.
  • He said that a few days ago North Korean leader Kim Jong Un also disappeared. At that time the market of speculation was hot. It was said in the media report that Kim's health is not good. There was some misunderstanding due to the activism of Kim's sister at that time. However, later North Korean leader Kim appeared in a very dramatic style.
  • He said that media reports can be anything. Could be right too. But this is also a question related to the system. Even because of the communist system, such a situation cannot be considered uncomfortable. 

what is media report 

Personal meeting closed: According to media reports, recent scenarios indicate that Xi Jinping is not meeting any foreign leader.

Emphasis on telephone talks: No foreign leader has visited China for 600 days. Especially such a foreign leader who has a program to meet Jinping. It is being said that the President of China is talking more over the phone due to health reasons. During this period, he held telephonic talks with 60 heads of state including Russian President Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Virtual Participation in Meetings: This year the Chinese President has participated in dozens of international meetings. However, during this time all their meetings have been virtual. Not only this, he also participated virtually in the meeting of BRICS countries on 9 September. 

Meetings postponed without reason: President Jinping has postponed meetings with the US Secretary of State in China, the Prime Minister of Singapore and the Prime Minister of Denmark, without assigning any reason. 

Signs of staggering legs: The Chinese President was seen staggering during the guard of honor during Jinping's tour of Italy, Monaco and France in March 2019. During that time he was seen leaning on the handle of the chair while sitting during talks with French President Macron.