Corona infects in the world exceeded 72 lakhs, 4.06 lakhs died

Corona infects in the world exceeded 72 lakhs, 4.06 lakhs died

Beijing :The number of people infected with the corona virus (Kovid 19) epidemic in the world has exceeded 72 lakhs, while its infection has killed about 4.06 lakh people so far. According to the latest data from the Center for Science and Engineering (CSSE) of America's John Hopkins University, the corona virus has so far infected 7,200,742 people and killed 4,06,540 people worldwide. The United States ranks first in the world and Brazil in second and Russia in the third place due to Corona virus. On the other hand, according to the number of deaths due to this epidemic, America is first, Britain is second and Brazil is third. 

Record cases in last 24 hours in India

A record 9987 new cases of corona infection have been reported in India during the last 24 hours and now the number of corona infections has increased to 2,66,598. At the same time, due to the death of 331 people, the number of dead has increased to 7466. There are 1,29,917 active cases of corona in the country, while 1,29,215 people have managed to get rid of this epidemic. 

global outbreak of corona has so far infected 1,961,185 people and 1,11,007 people have died due to the corona epidemic in America, considered the world's superpower. So far 7,07,412 people have been affected by it in Brazil and 37,134 people have died. In Russia too, the outbreak of Kovid-19 continues to increase and so far 4,76,043 people have been affected and 5,963 have lost their lives due to its infection. Things are also getting worse in Britain. So far, 2,88,834 people have been infected by this epidemic and 40,680 people have died. The epidemic has caused great havoc in the European country Italy. So far, 33,964 people have died due to this and 2,35,278 people have been infected. So far 2,41,717 people have been infected in Spain, while 27,136 people have died. 

So far, 84,195 people have been infected and 4638 have died in China, the source of the global epidemic corona. In the European country France and Germany, the situation is very bad due to this deadly virus. In France, 1,91,313 people have been infected so far and 29,209 people have died. In Germany, 1,86,119 people have been infected with the Corona virus and 8695 people have died. So far, 1,71,121 people have been infected with Corona in Tukari and 4711 people have died. In the Gulf country Iran, which is severely affected by the Corona virus, 1,73,832 people have been infected while 8351 people have died due to it. 14,053 have died in Mexico, 9606 in Belgium, 7910 in Canada, 6035 in the Netherlands, 5571 in Peru, 4694 in Sweden, 3642 in Ecuador, 1923 in Switzerland, 1683 in Ireland and 1485 in Portugal. Apart from Corona in neighboring country Pakistan till now 108,