Stress will be overcome by humor yoga, facial fat will also end

Stress will be overcome by humor yoga, facial fat will also end

Laughing keeps your body and mind healthy. Humor yoga is a part of yoga. You will often see people laughing loudly in the parks in the morning. Laughing produces positive hormones of the body, which help us to remain healthy and young. Doing yoga yoga also ends the extra fat on your face. Let us know in detail about the other benefits to the body from Comedy Yoga ...

Way to do Comedy Yoga ...
Laughing does not mean just laughing like that, the way to do comedic yoga is to try to laugh high by lifting the arms up and face up. Now some people think, how can one laugh needlessly? In fact, when we sit and laugh in a group, we hear different types of laughter. At the same time, the aim of humor yoga is to activate the body, when you laugh high and high above the arms in this way, then you have positive energy, which helps to keep you happy all day.

Facial fat ends
When you do Comedy Yoga everyday in the morning, your facial muscles will be stretched. Which will reduce the extra fat present on the face as well as make you look young and beautiful.

Toxins are removed
Sweating comes out more due to which the body's dirt comes out. Besides, laughing also removes the dullness of life, loneliness, fatigue, stress and physical pain. Laughter Therapy is an easy and beneficial way to stay away from stress.

Beneficial for the elderly aged 8 to 80 years
Humor yoga is the only asana that is beneficial for children from the age group of 80-90 years. Laughing out loud makes the blood flow properly in the body. Due to which you are protected from problems like heart disease and cholesterol increase.

There are two types of laughing yoga ...

Clap humor yoga
All the acupressure point of the body presses by clapping and laughing, so that one's body remains active and fit. When a person laughs by clapping, a tune is created in the environment, which introduces the person to nature. A person clapping and laughing also smiles naturally, especially tree plants.

Silent comedy
Positive vibes are produced in the body by laughing without opening the mouth. By doing this asana, blood flows in closed nerves in the body. Due to which the blockage problem of nerves is also fixed.