Coconut milk 101

Coconut milk 101

CHENNAI: A subtle sweetness, creamy texture and thick consistency. Extracted from the white flesh of mature brown coconuts, coconut milk is popularly used as a taste-enhancer in pan Asian and a couple of traditional cuisines. But did you recognize that coconut milk is loaded with health benefits? Dr Siddha Varmakalai Aasaan Vijendran, a personal practitioner, who has collaborated with Mumbai-based Ekatva Gita, which focuses on spiritual healing, walks us through the miracles of including coconut milk in our daily diet.

Coconut milk is rich in good fat. it's high levels of HDL (HDL) cholesterol which is claimed to be good. It lowers the amount of LDL (LDL) cholesterol which is harmful for the body. This milk helps in weight reduction contrary to what's commonly believed. Also, an upscale source of vitamins and minerals, this milk offers a diet .

 It’s best to possess coconut milk without boiling it to optimise the advantages . 
 Coconut milk mixed with jaggery may be a good nutrient for teenagers .
 It’s the simplest replacement to fight lactase deficiency .
 In unavoidable circumstances, coconut can be added after the prepared food cools down.


 Nourishes the feel of your hair and skin. 
 Has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.
 It strengthens the system .
 It’s rich in anti-oxidants.
 It increases bone density, has anti-inflammatory properties and is sweet for arthritis. 
 It calms your mind and induces sleep. 

 It’s good for the muscles and therefore the systema nervosum . 
 It’s good for diabetes and vital sign . It helps in healing ulcers.
 Rich in iron, it helps fight anaemia. 
 Rich in zinc, it’s good for the prostate .
 It reduces body heat. 
 It reduces premature ageing. 
 It’s good for the guts and reduces stress level.