When Akshay Kumar Helped Zareen Khan For Her Mother's operation 

When Akshay Kumar Helped Zareen Khan For Her Mother's operation 

Zareen Khan has completed a decade within the industry this year. She began her career with Salman Khan in Anil Sharma's sprawling period saga, Veer, which came call at 2010. it had been an audacious role for a debut actor, and therefore the actress visibly gave it her all for that character. Today, on May 14, she celebrates her birthday and turns a year younger, and in an interview with Zoom, talks about her plans, what gift she wants from Salman Khan, and also talks about how Akshay Kumar already gave her a present during Housefull 2.

She first spilled the beans on her celebration plans which may be affected thanks to the lockdown. Talking about it, she said, "I have always brought in my birthday by cutting a cake with my mother and followed it with a celebration . This year, my friends cannot come across . i do not know what to try to to , but i'm definitely getting to celebrate it with my family."

She added, "However, i do not skills the celebration goes to be because there are tons of restrictions thanks to the lockdown. i'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that my family will give me a surprise." Did you recognize she was getting to celebrate her birthday within the USA? Yes, that's true!

The actress says, "This birthday, we had planned a visit to the us as my mother's birthday was on May 9 and my birthday falls on the 14th. We had decided that we might celebrate our birthdays together, but that's definitely not getting to happen."

She then talks about her first co-star Salman Khan and what gift she would really like from him. "I would really like to possess more interactions with Salman. we do not really have interactions on a daily basis. Somehow, even in any case these years that i do know him, we've not been ready to be like buddies. in order that is that the one thing that i would like to possess with him."

And coming to a different Superstar, Akshay Kumar, with whom she worked in Housefull 2, Zareen reveals what gift she has already received from him. She says, "I remember this one thing about Akshay, he helped me get a doctor's appointment for my mother's operation once I wasn't ready to catch on . Apparently, there's always how to urge that doctor's appointment and he got that on behalf of me . He has helped me that way, he's already given me my gift."