Had to play IPL just after PSL but now its all gone thanks to Covid-19: Dale Steyn

Had to play IPL just after PSL but now its all gone thanks to Covid-19: Dale Steyn

Former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen after lecture India opener Rohit Sharma, had a conversation with veteran South Africa speedster Dale Steyn on Thursday.

Kevin Pietersen, who is currently under coronavirus lockdown in UK, fulfilled his promise to his fans and interviewed Dale Steyn via Instagram Live. During the course of the interview Pietersen helped the fans realize one among cricket's most adored also as feared bowler.

Dale Steyn recalled how he was gearing up for his team Islamabad United's match subsequent day when a gathering was called suddenly and it had been decided that he should leave PSL midway and return home thanks to the coronavirus fear. He added that the manager came to his room just after the meeting and asked him to hurry up with the packing as that they had to succeed in the airport in an hour.

"I was in South Africa even before the match started, it had been very quick."

Novel coronavirus cases in Pakistan later escalated soon and PSL had to be called off just before the beginning of the semifinals.

Steyn, who made his international comeback recently after an injury, said that a lot of series' were lined up but all of them have gone for a toss and there's no certainty over anything.

"Was playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) this year, so Ab de Villiers, Virat Kohli and Aaron Finch. Had to travel to IPL directly from PSL, then had to travel to Sri Lanka then play against West Indies but everything is like just gone."

South Africa has started a nationwide 21-day military-patrolled lockdown from Friday and its 57 million people are confined to their houses.

"It is atest for us, the time when people need to lookout for every other but they're at the beaches, I mean what are they doing, there must be a reason why that's happening," Steyn said.

Dale Steyn has also ready for it and goes to spend the time together with his mother, girlfriend, a friend, 4 dogs and a cat.

"I can do my very own laundry, i will be able to clean my room also during the amount ."

When Kevin Pietersen asked Steyn about the South African cricketer, who are going to be hating the isolation period the foremost , the latter named former all-rounder Jacques Kallis.

"He became a father recently, he are going to be changing the nappies and wouldn't even be ready to begin of his house," Steyn and Pietersen said jokingly.

Both the cricketers requested people to take care of hygiene and hear the govt instructions to avoid things to travel out of hand.

Talking about cricket Dale Steyn said that his best bowling spell was within the Nagpur Test in 2010 when he took 7 wickets within the 1st innings including the wicket of Sachin Tendulkar.

Steyn was reminded by Pietersen that he was very "grumpy" on the sector . Steyn had a funny response thereto except for the fans it could are sad.

"I wont to be grumpy. i'm no more. i'm old now. See my grey beards," he said.

Steyn added that he's facing no problems bowling the 4-over quotas in T20 matches. Notably, the South African has himself said that he was eyeing to board the flight for T20 World Cup in Australia this year.

Dale Steyn looked visibly uncomfortable together with his long hair throughout the Instagram live video chat as he kept them pushing inside his cap and Kevin Pietersen was sharp to note it.

While signing faraway from the video, Pietersen requested Steyn to urge a haircut soon and joking saying that he wouldn't talk Steyn if he doesn't get a haircut.