The house will be built in the budget of 10 lakhs, in the opinion of the experts, the construction should be done in a leisurely manner - a huge amount will be saved

The house will be built in the budget of 10 lakhs, in the opinion of the experts, the construction should be done in a leisurely manner - a huge amount will be saved

Suppose you have a plot of 800 to 1000 square feet and you want to build a two storey (ground + 1) house here. So you can get it constructed but building a house requires a lot of patience and planning. The hardest part of this is figuring out where to start! There are three essential parts of building a house – planning, designing and implementation.

Part 1 – Planning:

If you want to have the least amount of regrets about your home, it is important to be clear about what your needs are, what do you need to plan for?

Approvals – This includes NOC from local governing bodies, NA certificate to prove non-agricultural land and approval of building plan. Apart from these, you will also have to get approval from the local water supply and electricity supply board. You have to keep in mind what these organizations need. Your house has to meet the criteria of many people. For this many people have to be happy.

a budget

Make a clear budget in advance. The cost of building a new house can range from Rs 1,500 to Rs 5000 per sq ft. It depends on many factors and preferences. In such a situation, a well-thought-out budget will make it easier for you to decide what to build. Here are some aspects that need to be kept in mind while budgeting:

taxes and fees

Design and engineering costs

cost of construction

cost of materials

Furniture & Fixtures

emergency fund

time limit

You will have to adjust with your contractor here. Chat with them about your next step and the time it will take for each step. Usually, it takes 4-6 months. Monsoon time is not the right time to start work. An estimate has been prepared to explain the general steps and timing of building a house. You can use it as a guide in your creation:

Part 2 – Designing:

So, you have planned well for construction. Now comes the part where you choose what your house will look like. The good thing here is that you have the opportunity to design your home however you like (it's also a risky thing because you don't want to regret it)! Here these questions may help you:

size of house

What kind of layout do you want?

Any special requirement in architectural design?

Any Sustainable Work? Like a rainwater harvesting unit or solar panels for daily use or a small garden in the balcony to grow vegetables at home?

This is the right time to hire a professional architect, contractor or experienced masons who can help you with the design, give you an estimate and get your house ready on time. Let's talk about the architect first. How do you choose the right architect for your needs? For this, you can do online research or get information from people you know.

Part 3 - Implementation:

This table will help you in planning the construction budget.

But as I said earlier, there are other expenses besides this cost of construction. In such a situation, this is the right time to take a construction loan. That way you won't have to worry about money, and your contractor will not be behind you for payments every week... you can rest easy and oversee the construction of your dream home!

As architect P. Satish puts it, “Affordable house construction requires a third eye. All-round cost reduction measures are needed. From planning, to material procurement, to design planning and execution, cost reduction takes place. Can help. The methodology makes a lot of sense, for example there is a technique by Laurie Baker, which is helpful for achieving filler slabs, rattrap bonding, exposed brick structures and much more. It helps to reduce costs and create a dream job. Helpful to make the house more livable.

One model of Apple's upcoming iPhone 14 series will not come with 120Hz promotion display: Report

One model of Apple's upcoming iPhone 14 series will not come with 120Hz promotion display: Report

 It hasn't even been a month since Apple's iPhone 13 series was launched. Now there is a discussion about the launch of the iPhone 14 (iPhone 14 Series) series. Many reports related to this upcoming series have come out. Another report has surfaced in this episode, which has revealed that Apple is planning to offer LTPS OLED display in at least 4 devices of the iPhone 14 lineup.

According to a report by TheElec, LG is preparing to supply LTPO OLED displays to Apple. They can be used in the iPhone to be launched next year. This will give the company another supplier for its promotion displays for its iPhones besides Samsung. For your information, let us tell you that the promotion display has been given in iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro.

Through this, users can adjust the refresh rate accordingly. This will give users a better gaming experience. On the other hand, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini have LTPS OLED displays, but do not support promotion.

120Hz promotion display will not be available in one model of iPhone 14 series

According to the reports so far, Apple will give a 6.1-inch display in the iPhone 14 series, iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, while the iPhone 14 Pro Max will get a 6.7-inch screen. However, under this series, the Mini model will not be launched with a promotion display. In such a situation, it is believed that all models of iPhone 14 will be given a panel with a high refresh rate.

iPhone 13

Let us know that the starting price of iPhone 13 in India is Rs 79,900. Talking about the feature, the A15 Bionic chipset has been given in the iPhone 13. It has support for Dolby Vision and MagSafe. Along with this, dual rear camera setup will be available in the phone. It has a 12MP primary lens and an ultra wide angle lens. Apart from this, a 6.1-inch display will be available in the smartphone.