Investing just Rs 17 will make you a millionaire, know-how

Investing just Rs 17 will make you a millionaire, know-how

If you are planning to invest, then a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) can prove to be a good option. If you want, you can also take advice from any knowledgeable person for investment. We are giving you some information on this matter in this news.

If you want to create a large fund by making a small investment every day. So we are going to tell you about the plan of only 500 rupees per month. If you look at it on a daily basis, then it is about Rs 16.66, about Rs 17.

SIP of Rs 500
Initially, you can invest in mutual funds. In the last few years, mutual funds have given returns of more than 20 percent. You can become a millionaire with a SIP of Rs 500 per month. For this, you have to invest Rs 17 every day (Rs 500 per month) in mutual funds.

will get the return
By depositing 17 rupees every day i.e. 500 rupees in a month for 20 years, you deposit 1.2 lakh rupees. In 20 years, at a return of 15% annually, your fund will increase to Rs 7 lakh 8 thousand. If we talk about a 20 percent annual return, then this fund will increase to Rs 15.80 lakh.

become a millionaire like this
If you invest Rs 500 every month for 30 years, then you deposit a total of Rs 1.8 lakh. Now if you get a 20 percent annual return on this for 30 years, then your fund will increase to 1.16 crores.